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First Delegate, President

Amir Taha, D3

I'm convinced that the Great Pyramids of Giza were built with the assistance of Aliens.

Second Delegate, Vice-President

Victoria Hardy, D2

I competed in bodybuilding shows and still love to lift weights! 



Shaily Aghera, D2

I have been in the audience for America’s Got Talent.

Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel Thompson, D2

I’ve ridden a buffalo.

Professional Development Committee

Will Grine, D2 & Dino Salvanera, D2

Burnisher's Ball Committee

Ashley Northcutt, D3 & Emory Byrd, D3

Emory: I love watching Food Network.

D4 Class Representative

Jordan Brunston

D2 Class Representative

Toyosi Coker 

I studied abroad in Ireland for 8 weeks the summer after my sophomore year of college

Newsletter Editor

Julianne Yuziuk, D2 & Cody Phen, D1

I have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 fish, and an occasional uninvited 3-foot-long snake living in my home.

Wellness Committee

Fiondra Baldwin, D1

This year marks my 4th year of being pescatarian. 


Joel Anil, D1


I was on my high school fencing team!

ADPAC Coordinator

Scarlett Walston, D2

I’ve been in a commercial for recycling!

Social Media Coordinator

Lee Dickinson, D2

I have planted over 700 trees in New Zealand

Fundraising Coordinator/Marketing

Tia Robinson, D1

I went to a national champion football and basketball school in undergrad.

D3 Class Representative

Ashley Northcutt 

I majored in nutrition! 

D1 Class Representative

Rebecca Agner

I have hiked an active volcano in Guatemala. 

D1 Class Representative

Corey Winkler, D1

I once interned on a dinosaur dig-site in Montana for 2 weeks during college.